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Employers Turning to Social Media to Recruit New Employees and Promote Employment Brands

Employers Turning to Social Media to Recruit New Employees and Promote Employment Brands, CareerBuilder Survey Finds In the aftermath of the one of the deepest recessions felt across the globe, UK employers are taking measures to rebuild their staffs and strengthen perceptions of the work experience their organisation offers.  One-in-four are turning to social media to do so.  According to a study by, 26 per cent of UK employers reported they use social media to recruit potential employees and/or strengthen employment brands.   Despite it being a highly competitive job market, 17 per cent of UK employers reported they have seen an increase in voluntary employee turnover.  Nearly three-in-ten (29 per cent) stated they are concerned their best talent may leave their organisations once the economy improves. Employers had to make tough choices during the recession that may have negatively impacted how their organisation is viewed in the eyes of current and potential employees, said Tony Roy, president of CareerBuilder EMEA.  Social media offers a unique venue for employers to re-invent, repair and revitalize their employment brands and engage job candidates on a more personal level. Those who leverage it may have a greater competitive advantage in their overall recruitment and retention programs.     Facebook is the most preferred venue for UK employers. Of those who incorporate social media into their recruitment and branding efforts, 60 per cent use Facebook followed by LinkedIn at 50 per cent and Twitter at 10 per cent. Roy recommends the following tips to effectively engage workers via social media:     Master one before you move on Establish a well-rounded Facebook page before expanding to other platforms.       Reinforce your reputation Highlight benefits of working for your company, describe the company culture, speak to long-term stability and growth opportunities and make sure to include employee success stories.     Keep an open forum pay attention to what your audience is saying to you and about you.  Take time to respond and maintain an open dialogue.       Dont bore them - make the page visually exciting and include photos.  Add fun facts about your company or industry.     Highlight opportunities post job openings at your organization and provide notice if youre attending a career fair.     Promote your presence incorporate links on your company Web page and marketing materials and include in email signatures.     Establish authority - create a company blog with regular updates on industry news and relevant issues.Survey MethodologyAn online survey of more than 500 business leaders in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden was conducted in a range of organisations between 29 April and 7 May. Business leaders included C-level executives, directors and senior managers with recruitment responsibilities.  The survey was conducted online by Shape the Future, a market research agency based near London which specialises in high speed online research. The total sample size in the UK was 106, giving a margin of error of 9.52 per cent at 95 per cent confidence. The survey was conducted strictly according to the code of conduct of the UKs Market Research Society.


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