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First Choice Software release RDB ProNet Mobile v1.6 for iPhone and iPad

First Choice Software release RDB ProNet Mobile v1.6 for iPhone and iPad

Still the only recruitment CRM apps available in the Apple Store

First Choice led the way two years ago when it gave flexibility and mobility to its recruitment clients when it was the first recruitment CRM provider to launch apps for the iPhone: RDB Mobile and iRecruit. Today the companys Apple suite for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch remain the only apps on the app store available from a software provider. The suite offers innovative operational and management tools to help users work quickly and effectively, whenever and wherever.

RDB Mobile v1.6, released in October 2010, is a fully featured application that gives recruiters the ability to view, search, match and place candidates at any time. RDB Mobile also delivers real-time KPI and sales reports. As with the RDB ProNet classic platform, all activity is conducted within the ProNet database, with nothing downloaded, for maximum performance and operational security.

RDB Mobile supports the highly collaborative, mobile and virtualised work styles that are the norm in todays workplace. Mobile helps recruiters stay competitive, maintain fill rates and strengthen client relationships with its rapid search speeds and versatility.
RDB Mobile is also advantageous when urgent intervention is required. If an interview date changes unexpectedly, permanent recruiters can access contact details and take immediate positive action to re-schedule. Temp recruiters can replace late drop outs, wherever they happen to be and at whatever time, without needing to access a laptop or PC on the train, in the pub, on the beach!

Instant access to the database improves security, data protection and the risk of theft as it overcomes the need to create separate, sometimes paper-based lists of stand-by candidates and replacements for on-call consultants.

The Apple GUI and RDB Mobiles reporting capability allow managers to view clear graphical reports for consultant activity and sales performance if its in the database you can report on it.

Users of RDB Mobile have discovered their own favourite functions. Gaynor Beeby of Hensler Associates observed, "its a brilliant app - easy to use with a vast amount of database info at your fingertips. I especially like the link to Google maps and the fact you can call or text straight from the candidates/clients details while in the app."
RDB Mobile improves security by allowing photographs of applicants, taken on the iPhone, to appear instantly on candidate records making it easier for clients to know that the person turning up in the morning is the person sent by the agency - a real boon in sectors such as education and industrial temping.

iRecruit is a powerful performer enabling agencies to provide their clients with an app to make their life easier. Clients can submit jobs, run searches, review submitted candidates, request interviews, and authorise timesheets and expenses. The service is particularly valuable when fulfilment is required at short notice or during out of office hours.

A Call my Consultant function further speeds up recruiter-client working relationships as it allows one-press contact that is dynamically routed to the appropriate on-duty account handler.

First Choice Software is committed to the ongoing development of applications that eliminate delays between requests and effective response.

To see a video of RDB Mobile in action visit


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