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Tobias Recruitment moves into Exec level and headhunting marketplace

Ms Suzie Tobias, Managing Director, Tobias Recruitment Ltd, comments:
After 25 years in Recruitment I find that for the last few years that salary levels have been escalating and the job sectors within our core company have been moving more and more towards the senior level so it has been a natural progression to now officially move into the Exec level and headhunting marketplace, alongside our generalist arena.
Finding the highest calibre, experience and skillset in a Candidate in the current marketplace is a hard task, more so than ever. Every Company needs to move forward, increase profits and motivate staff, but encompassing all these requirements into one human being to cut costs is no mean feat. When looking at the ever changing market, the rollercoaster ride we are all experiencing leaves no room for procrastination, no room to leave it to chance. Right from the top we are finding Companies looking for the best the market has to offer without the hassle or trawling through thousands of unsuitable people which is hugely time consuming and laborious.


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