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Invest in apprenticeships to secure home grown talent urges REC Hospitality

Invest in apprenticeships to secure home grown talent urges REC Hospitality
Following the Governments migration cap announcement, the Recruitment and Employment Confederations (REC) dedicated hospitality group is advocating that apprenticeship schemes are the major tool for attracting and retaining home-grown talent in the sector.
The Governments plans to cap migration from outside the EU will restrict the number of workers coming into the UK to fill hospitality vacancies. The challenge is to ensure that this doesnt result in a shortage of suitable staff which could, in turn, impact on growth in the sector. Apprenticeships provide the UK hospitality industry with one of the best ways of meeting this challenge and achieving long term, sustainable growth.
Commenting on the issue, Suzanne Letting, REC Hospitality Chair said: We have consistently called for the migration cap to be workable and flexible. Immigration policy should take the real needs of the UK economy into account especially in sectors with pronounced skills shortages. At the same time, more needs to be done to actively nurture home growing talent in the hospitality sector.
 Apprenticeships may take time to give businesses a return on their investment, but we need to take strategic decisions now in order to build a talent pipeline for the future. These schemes present us with an opportunity to select, deliver and monitor our talent, while focusing on retaining that talent once all the necessary skills are acquired.
Specialised recruiters have a big role to play and are committed to building effective partnerships with employers and Sector Skills Councils. Our mission is to deliver more opportunities in the sector and to build the hospitality workforce of the future.
The RECs Youth Employment Taskforce produced its Avoiding a Lost Generation report earlier in the year. This included practical recommendations to Government on upskilling young jobseekers. Gaining experience though apprenticeships in real jobs was a core finding of the report.
Other recommendations include revamping careers services, stimulating demand for new staff and raising awareness of the changing employment landscape.


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