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Morgan McKinley pushes boundaries with global e-learning for staff

Morgan McKinley pushes boundaries with global e-learning for staff
Global professional recruiter Morgan McKinley has formed an innovative commercial alliance with professional services firm Deloitte and award-winning industry experts Recruitment Juice to launch the first e-learning platform in the global recruitment sector.  The resource will combine the knowledge of high profile business leaders and recognised industry experts with its own internal specialists.
Employees across Morgan McKinleys 24 offices globally will now reap the benefits of MM1 Academy, a new best-practice professional training portal developed specifically for the firm.
The online platform is tailored to each user and provides extensive learning modules and role plays ranging from essential recruitment skills to high level management strategy. Pro Tips from Morgan McKinley experts personalise the programme and provide commentary and advice on realistic, day-to-day issues in the recruitment field.
The innovative e-learning professional development platform will provide Morgan McKinley staff worldwide with a standardised tool to assist their career progression.
The staff development programme is broken into two distinct parts: MM1 Academy which is focused entirely on developing and improving recruitment skills from graduate to executive level and MM1 Leadership, which provides education and support on leadership issues that span team building to high level strategy.
MM1 Academy was developed as a joint venture between Morgan McKinley and award-winning training body, Recruitment Juice. It represented a significant milestone for both companies as well as being a major, long-term investment by Morgan McKinley in its human capital, it is the first bespoke training platform Recruitment Juice has created for a firm.
The MM1 Leadership programme is designed to add value to all levels of the business and includes an experiential resource for managers and directors. Developed and hosted by Deloitte, the Leadership Academy streams up-to-the-minute video training from world-famous business leaders and reknowned business schools, allowing users to participate in challenging workshops and webinars, and connect with peers as part of a global forum.
Leading the way in innovative e-learning, MM1 Leadership is also designed to interact with delegates through push-casting tailored content to their smartphones and BlackBerrys, and even has its own iPhone application
Morgan McKinley is the first recruitment company in the world to partner with the Deloitte Leadership Academy.
Pat Fitzgerald, CEO, Premier Group said:
We are a people business and our employees are one of our strongest competitive advantages. Our aim is to have the best training and development support in the industry. Providing our team with daily access to a cutting-edge professional development platform will continue to ensure that Morgan McKinley leads the way in global professional recruitment.
MM1 Academy and MM1 Leadership represent a significant investment in current and next generation leaders across Morgan McKinley worldwide as part of our objective to double in size over the next three years.
We take a global approach in streamlining our operations and this e-learning portal will allow us to deliver a high standard of industry-specific training for all our staff that is consistent across all geographies.
Matt Trott, Managing Director, Recruitment Juice said:
We are proud to have worked on this exciting joint venture with Morgan McKinley, and with the creation of the MM1 Academy, we believe they can now boast one of the best tailored e-learning programs in the recruitment industry.
MM1 Academy is the first bespoke platform we created for a company and just like our award-winning DVD training programs, we think it is going to significantly enhance the way recruiters learn. We worked closely with Morgan McKinley throughout the process to deliver something in keeping with our ethos a product that engages, educates, motivates and inspires.
Tom Richardson, Managing Partner, Deloitte Leadership Academy said:
We were pleased to develop the MM1Leadership Academy as part of our first partnership with a recruitment firm.
Our programme will equip Morgan McKinleys employees with the latest leadership and management lessons from the worlds top executives and business schools. Users will be able to access a range of exciting e-learning tools from attending virtual lectures at Harvard University to watching vodcasts of high profile CEOs.
The MM1 Academy was rolled out across Morgan McKinleys offices in November 2010 and will be available to over 500 employees. 


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