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New REC guide pinpoints how successful managers are pivotal to recruitments future

New REC guide pinpoints how successful managers are pivotal to recruitments future
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has published a new guide to help industry managers formulate new best practices to maximise their business potential against the current backdrop of economic uncertainty and acceleration of new technologies into recruitment processes.
At such a crucial time for the sector, the RECs Industry Research Unit has asked some of the UKs leading managers to help tackle the question what makes a successful manager in recruitment.
The result is The Seven Secrets of Successful Recruitment Managers that offers a fascinating insight into how leaders, present and future, can cultivate and maintain the right balance within their businesses that will win them continuing success.
It offers pages of practical advice from those who have already succeeded in their roles, and includes self-assessment tests for both aspiring and current managers
Its aims are to:
Help aspiring recruiters develop careers as managers in the recruitment industry
Guide and support those who are already in management roles so that they can improve performance
Assist agency owners, partners and directors identifying, developing and retaining management talent
The new guide, sponsored by leading accountancy firm, RSM Tenon, is a follow-up to last years Seven Secrets of Successful Recruiters which identified what it takes to be a top consultant in the industry.  Both have been published as part of the RECs strategic objective to continue working to achieve the professionalisation of the industry.
Commenting on its publication, Roger Tweedy, the RECs Director of Research, said:
The global recession of 2008/09 had an enormous impact on the recruitment industry with turnover falling dramatically and the workforce within the sector reduced as a result. At the same time, the onward march of online and digital functionality continued to be applied to recruitment practices, transforming business models and challenging accepted policy and practice.
So meeting these challenges requires new thinking about both the routes to success and what success actually looks like in a quantifiable way. It will be the frontline managers and business leaders in this industry will who be making the decisions that ultimately create tomorrows recruitment industry by framing the values passed on to clients and developing the staff, systems and process that deliver the value.
Adding his thoughts to the new report, David Tait, Associate Director of Keillar Resourcing and the Institute of Recruitment Professionals Recruiter of the Year, said: It is always important to understand, when in a position of management, that your team will have an expectation of you and understanding what it is will lead to you performing as a better manager.
This report highlights how essential it is for everyone to be on the same journey. Every member of our team and the work they carry independently are all small parts of our bigger company jigsaw and it is so important that all those parts fit together.
He added: As an IRP member, I also welcome any new insights and information which will be valuable in developing people within our profession so that they are better equipped and conversant with the new ideas that can ultimately forward their careers.


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