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REC announces wide-ranging support programme for 2011

AWR next phase - REC announces wide-ranging support programme for 2011
The REC is preparing to launch the latest phase of its AWR implementation drive through a wide-ranging support programme. The aim is to ensure that agencies and industry leaders prepare their businesses, staff, clients and temporary workers ahead of the October 2011 implementation date. 
Over the next nine months, the REC will be delivering a range of new services and products including webinars, client packs, sector-specific briefings and in-house training for front-line consultants.  These support measures will build on the existing toolkits, workshops and briefings that have been made available to members over the last year. 
Following recent discussions with Employment Relations Minister Ed Davey, the REC has been working closely with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) on the official guidance that will underpin the new regulations. This process has once again highlighted the practical challenges that implementing equal treatment measures will entail and has confirmed the need for effective support measures.
Commenting on the next phase, Kevin Green, the RECs Chief Executive said:
The aim has always been to secure the best possible outcome for recruiters and to minimise the impact that the regulations will have on our market. Following a decade of lobbying in Westminster and Brussels, is now all about helping the industry to gear up for implementation.
We are fast approaching the home straight, so we have nine months to ensure that businesses, consultants, clients and agency workers themselves are ready. To drive this process, the REC will be launching the most wide-ranging programme of support it has ever delivered.
Full details of the RECs AWR Support Programme will be announced in January through an interactive webinar. This webinar will also provide the latest update from its discussions with BIS and client organisations.
A poll during the recent CEO webinar last week showed that 63% of members felt they needed more information on the Regulations. The AWR Support Programme will reflect the ongoing feedback from members generated through Sector Group meetings, regional events, policy Committees and AWR training workshops.
For more information on current support and briefing documents go to:


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