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The Royal Free Hospital risks repeating the Department of Healths expensive mistakes, says REC

The Royal Free Hospital risks repeating the Department of Healths expensive mistakes, says REC
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has slammed the decision made by the Royal Free Hospital to transfer recruitment practices away from specialist expert providers, warning that this decision risks increasing costs and severely delaying the recruitment process. 
The REC has now taken action at  NHS Trust level through writing to the hospital in Hampstead, London to urge it to seriously consider reversing its decision. 
The decision to transfer services was invoked under the extended hire period clause demanding that all locum doctors and nurses be removed from agency books and placed under the hospitals control.   Recruitment agencies have reacted angrily to this, arguing that this breaks previous NHS assurances and was achieved without consulting the relevant stakeholders. 
Commenting, Tom Hadley, the RECs Director of Policy and Professional Services, said:
We are extremely concerned by these changes.   All the evidence suggests that moving the recruitment process away from expert providers simply costs the NHS more money.  The recent decision to scrap NHS Professionals - essentially an in-house recruitment agency for the whole of the NHS - provides a stark warning of this we are surprised that the Royal Free Hospital seems unwilling to heed the expensive lessons learnt by the Department of Health. 
Not only will this process not prove cost effective, but it risks burdening hospitals with recruitment processes for which they do not have the required resources or expertise.  Recruitment agencies are highly trained professionals who specialise in sourcing, vetting and placing candidates according to the shifting demands of patient care.  It is simply unacceptable to announce these changes without prior consultation.
The RECs  Public Sector Resourcing Campaign was launched this year to highlight to public sector employers such as NHS trusts how using private recruiters can create added value to their resourcing plans over the next ten years.
Hadley concluded: The Royal Free Hospital must reconsider its decision, in light of the available evidence, working with the recruitment Industry to ensure that costs can be managed. 


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