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Tirebuck Celebrates Seminar Success

Tirebuck Celebrates Seminar Success
The true and hidden cost for businesses of recruiting one person in-house can be over 13,000 according to Karen Tirebuck, Managing Director of Tirebuck Recruitment, celebrating Tirebucks first quarterly recruitment seminar attended by local businesses at The Greswolde Hotel in Knowle.
In the current market Tirebuck is partnering with local companies to give them an insight into the huge investment involved in the recruitment process and the potential pitfalls. Karen Tirebuck said,
Having worked during the recessions of 1983, 1992 and 2009, it is clear that in the current climate the recruitment process requires a higher level of attention than in the last 10 years.
In these market conditions, some candidates will take a job because they have a mortgage to pay and not because its a company they would like to work for or a job they genuinely want.
As in the 80s and 90s, we all know a lot of companies have had to make genuine cutbacks and candidates have been made redundant through no fault of their own.  However, there may be some candidates who, on the surface look excellent, but who have previously been poor performers and have been let go.
Many managers fail to recognise the true cost of recruiting the wrong person, with many relying on gut instinct to make what is a crucial investment decision.  At any time, even during difficult economic times, good people are always in demand.
Having an efficient and effective recruitment process that makes candidates feel valued is essential.  Its their first impression of you as an employer and an extension of your brand.  Get it right and even unsuccessful candidates will speak favourably about their experience, get it wrong and who knows the effect.  We should also be aware that good people are still sitting tight with voluntary resignations at an all time low - yet again increasing the demand for talented people.
Commenting on the seminar, Jayne Foxall from Brewin Dolphin said, I thought it was excellent and I look forward to other seminars in the future.
Nicola Turner from Bspoke HR added,
Using Competency-Based Interviewing techniques can help to ensure employers get it right first time when employing individuals for key roles who can have a substantial impact on the fate of the business.   
Tirebuck Recruitment serves clients and candidates in the Finance, HR, Legal, Commercial, Sales & Marketing, and Executive PA sectors, including Temporary and Interim Contracts. Tirebuck Recruitment and Allocate Recruitment are divisions of KT Recruitment Ltd, based in Knowle, Solihull. 
Bspoke HR Ltd work closely with SMEs from any sector to develop pragmatic people management practices that realise the full potential of their workforce.


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