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Asia Pacific Land implements StepStone Solutions SaaS platform

Asia Pacific Land implements StepStone Solutions SaaS platform for talent management and recruitment in its offices throughout Asia Pacific
StepStone Solutions is pleased to announce that Asia Pacific Land (APL), a major real estate investment, development and asset management company operating in Japan, China and other Asian markets, will implement its e-recruitment and performance management solutions in the companys offices in the Asia Pacific region. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based e-recruitment and talent management system helps the company reduce documentation and operation costs, and allows senior management to manage employees in remote locations.
Mr Matthew Krcelic, Executive Director and Group Head of Human Resources & General Affairs, is pleased with the expanded capability the system is bringing: The StepStone Solutions Talent Management system (ETWeb) allows me to provide a complete HR solution to our staff throughout the region as it includes all facets of their roles, compensation, career planning and performance reviews. Once the Department Heads are trained in the use of this system, it will allow us to better provide career planning as well as promoting opportunities for mobility throughout the region. Additionally, the recruitment module will put me in a position to more effectively manage and participate in the recruitment process without having to physically be in each of our locations, which will save us time and money.
With the implementation of StepStone Solutions recruitment and performance management solutions, APL has transformed its human resources and performance systems from a paper based system augmented with MS Word and Excel to a web-based system with a multi-language interface. The deployment of the recruitment and performance management solution in its China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan offices will allow all staff members to manage their profiles and voice their views on knowledge and skills training. The other key benefits of the platform are improved transparency in communication, reduction in documentation costs, clear and transparent targets for employees performance and capability to manage employees using a SaaS-based platform.
After a careful examination of key talent management and ERP vendors, APL chose StepStone Solutions recruitment and performance management solutions. The key reasons for the choice include the SaaS-based platform which allows senior management to monitor the status of the company in real time, and the ability of the recruitment system to link up with its talent management system, allowing APL to seamlessly manage routine tasks. The system is expected to make a positive contribution to the company, with a projected return on investment period of 2 to 3 years. So confident is APL about the positive impact of the web-based platform that the company is planning to implement Career and Succession planning modules and otherfunctional upgrades.
This success at Asia Pacific Land again highlights our capability to deliver a truly multi-lingual solution in areas such as China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan and, more importantly, to provide strong local support from our growing Asia Pacific operations, said StepStone Solutions CEO, Matthew Parker.
About Asia Pacific Land Ltd.
Asia Pacific Land (APL) is an established, privately owned real estate investment, development and asset management company that operates in Japan, China and other Asian markets. APLs principals have more than 80 years of combined experience in a wide variety of Asian property markets. Asia Pacific Land (APL) started operations in Hong Kong and China in 1994, expanded to Japan in 1997 and to Taiwan in 2009. Currently, the company has over 110 employees across Asia and has assets under management up to US$4.8 billion.
APLs expertise as an asset manager includes:
Property level value creation through repositioning, refurbishment, cost management, proactive leasing and close partnerships with tenants
Rejuvenating troubled portfolios
Financial reporting
Taking over assets from distressed or failed asset managers


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