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Avoid making basic mistakes in interviews, advises online resource Interview Guru

Avoid making basic mistakes in interviews, advises online resource Interview Guru
AN INTERVIEW IS your opportunity to shine and show your potential, but online resource Interview Guru ( says its important to know what not to do if you want to boost your chances of landing that dream role. Comments Interview Gurus managing director, Andy Turner: If you have been invited to attend a job interview, then congratulations! Employers usually receive scores of applications for every position, but only a small percentage make it through to the interview stage. However, there are some common pitfalls which mean even the most polished candidates can stumble and fall at this stage. Its therefore worth reminding yourself of the deadly sins to avoid at all costs.
Lack of Preparation
Preparation is the most crucial element for success. If you demonstrate that you fully understand the company, the role and the marketplace, your prospective employer will take this as professional and enthusiastic behaviour. It also means you will feel much more comfortable with any questions that are thrown at you. Go in underprepared, and you will naturally feel nervous and awkward.
Poor Body Language
Did you know that only 10% of our communication is verbal? That means that a staggering 90% of the messages we send out are through the way we hold ourselves, move and gesture. Many experts believe that the vast majority of interviewers will form their opinion on a candidate within five minutes of meeting them and its all thanks to body language. Thats why theres no place in an interview for nervous habits such as twiddling fingers, gesticulating wildly, talking too fast or waffling.
Not selling yourself effectively
An interview is a sale opportunity. You are selling and the interviewer is the buyer. This is your one-time chance to shine, so try approaching things from the interviewers perspective and imagine what they want to hear. They will want to know you can make a genuine impact in the role, leading to better results for the company. Remain confident in your abilities and go prepared with a mental stock of examples which demonstrate the value you can add. Adds Andy Turner: Remember, you made it to the interview stage because on paper you have the potential to do the job, so avoid these common mistakes and believe in yourself, and you will stay one step ahead of the competition.


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