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Comment on KPMG 6th form training scheme

Comment on KPMG 6th form training scheme - former trainee interview available
Dave Way, managing director of Marks Sattin, said: Employers, such as KPMG, who are offering professional career opportunities to those who, as non-graduates, would typically be off the Milkround radar, are helping to redress the balance.
Companies that access talent straight out of school are able to shape their employees skill-sets in a way that is not possible for those who insist on graduate recruitment. This will give students who might otherwise have studied obscure degrees a far better chance of entering professional employment than one of the courses of study that has devalued many degrees for employers.
By taking on school leavers KPMG will be able to access a workforce that is relatively inexpensive, highly flexible and not saddled with debt. This scheme could fundamentally change the way companies recruit young people in the future.
As bright students without silver spoons in their mouths are understandably balking at the prospect of taking on 27,000 of debt for a three year university course, many will find the prospect of going straight into employment irresistible. This is a good thing for those interested in creating a socially diverse professional workforce.
But this is not a purely idealistic move ensuring that talented people are not allowed to drift away because of an overpriced education system also makes great business sense.


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