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Friisberg & Partners International extends its coverage beyond Europe

Friisberg & Partners International extends its coverage beyond Europe
Friisberg has long been recognised as one of the pre-eminent European Executive Search Groups and over its 33 year history has now grown to 29 offices in 21 European countries. An enduring hallmark of Friisberg is its successful entry into new markets, evidenced by its quick arrival and strong presence in many of the formerly communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.  This trend continues with the first Belarusian Executive Search firm, Zdes i Sejchas in Minsk, joining Friisbergs European Partnership in October of last year.
Meanwhile, Friisberg has been developing relationships with firms beyond Europe in other new and emerging markets. Indias economic growth continues apace and Friisberg is already well represented there by the Secunderabad-based search firm Intercon International.
M R Shantaram, Intercons Managing Director observes:
India has been a closed door economy for decades but in the last 15 years has opened her doors to the world. The result has been astonishing. Our economy, which got a kick-start thanks to foreign investment, has grown so much that the domestic market is now self-sustaining. This is the reason why India is one of the few economies which recovered from the global slump so early.
Intercon has been recruiting in India for the last 25 years. After joining the Friisberg group, we took a Global perspective and now replicate the search methods used in other regions, particularly Europe. Our Indian clients are happy in the knowledge that if they have needs elsewhere, the Friisberg partners are an excellent source of help. Equally, the clients of Friisberg in Europe have benefitted immensely due to the access they now have to the Indian executive market.
Furthermore, with election formalities concluded at the Friisberg Partner conference in St Petersburg in October, Deros International of Cape Town is now a full partner within Friisberg & Partners International. Immediately upon its admission to the Partnership Deros sought and was granted permission to trade under the Friisberg name and has now rebranded as Friisberg Southern Africa. From a Cape Town office, its consultants will continue to service clients in The Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and Angola, but with the enhanced access to talented executives that being part of a genuinely international search group brings.
Bruce Planting, Director of Friisberg Southern Africa commented:
Within the next couple of decades, this will become the African Century. Economists expect to see significant GDP growth in Africa and the continent is now widely recognised by investors as an emerging market of tremendous potential. Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest growing world region at 5.7% per annum [2001-2011]. African business is benefitting from improving education, healthcare, justice systems and new infrastructure. Mining and agriculture have historically been the main drivers of African economies, but now the financial, manufacturing and service sectors are making notable progress.
Friisberg Southern Africa considers the drivers of this growth to be better political governance and fiscal controls which combine to enhance the African commercial climate. The geo-political map is also changing: thirty years ago the majority of African countries were engaged in conflict, now that is true for only a small minority. Consumer demand has increased, not only for the basics, but also for a much greater range of products and services, led by an emerging middle-class which includes a new generation of entrepreneurs, often with European or US education and business experience.
There is already a huge and rising need for experienced executives to contribute to the expansion of private enterprise and the continuous development of infrastructure. Friisberg Southern Africa is already at the forefront of securing these skills for African clients, with the added and clear advantage of local knowledge.
The Chairman of Friisberg & Partners International, Nils Cavalli-Bjrkman welcomed the extension of the groups coverage:
We have followed our clients in their international expansion and we are pleased to have two more well established local firms in our group to serve our clients in these expanding markets.


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