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Healthcare reforms will lead to increased demand for specialist medical staff

Healthcare reforms will lead to increased demand for specialist medical staffDraft legislation that makes major changes to the NHS, which is being published today, will lead to an increased demand for GPs, especially those with specialist skills. Thats the message from leading medical recruiter, Your World.I believe that by abolishing Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), more procedures that used to be confined to hospitals will increasingly be done by GPSIs GPs with specialist interests explains Mike Burdett from Your World. A lot of GP's have very good hospital backgrounds and can bring this to the front-line treatment of patients. This will be much more convenient for patients and free up hospital consultants for the trickier procedures.I also anticipate increased demand for GPs in general, to take over appointments whilst the consortia of GPs handle the management and administration side of things. It may also lead to an increased demand for nurses as GPs will require more support. With a general shortage of both GPs and nurses, these changes could make the skill shortages even worse.The main concern is the savings that need to be made and the potential impact on patient care adds Managing Director, Tony Moss. The reform is a longer term solution to improving the NHS and by using specialist healthcare staff, the new consortiums can hopefully take some of the pressure away from the hospitals.I believe savings can be made in middle management, purchasing, back office and by reducing red tape in terms of procedures, without compromising compliance and patient care. By using quality recruitment partners that deliver quality staff, value for money and more flexibility with staffing, the NHS can collaborate further with the recruitment industry to solve staffing and service challenges.


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