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Irish Nurses Head for New Life Down Under

Irish Nurses Head for New Life Down Under
A combination of the recession and less favourable working conditions in the public sector is driving increasing numbers of nurses to seek a new job and a new life in Australia, according to leading healthcare recruitment company HCL International.
The company, which supplies nurses of all grades and specialties to leading private and public sector hospitals across Australia, says it has seen a dramatic rise in nurses from the Republic of Ireland seeking advice on how to begin the relocation process. In the past two weeks, according to the company's dedicated Australian Nursing team, around 75% of enquiries to its website have been from Irish nurses seeking guidance on finding jobs Down Under. HCL International attributed this to a more challenging jobs market in Ireland, especially in the public sector.
By contrast, Australia's healthcare sector has barely been touched by the global recession, and with a fast-growing population that is also living longer, nursing is one of the top five professions to receive Visa approval on the Australian Government's skilled migration programme. The country's state-funded healthcare service is similar to the NHS, and it also has a larger private healthcare sector, meaning that nurses not only find it easy to adapt to familiar working practices but can also expect more favourable rates of pay. Registered nurses moving to Australia can expect a significant pay increase - from an average 29k per annum in the UK to 44k per annum in Australia, at today's exchange rates.  
On Saturday 29 January HCL International is exhibiting at the New Year, New Career Jobs Fair in Dublin, an event which is expected to attract a wide audience of attendees who are considering seeking work outside Ireland. On the evening of 28 January, HCL International will also be holding a private event for nurses at the Burlington Hotel on Upper Leeson Street, and their guest list is already over subscribed by nurses keen to find out more about relocation to Australia.
Daryl Rose, recruitment consultant at HCL International who specialises in Australasia, says:
We hear a lot in the media and from ex-pats about the quality of life and cost of living in Australia comparing favourably to that in Ireland, especially in these straitened economic times. What many nurses dont realise is that they have a huge advantage because their skills are in such high demand. 40% of Australian nurses are due to retire in the next decade so there is massive demand from a population that is growing rapidly as the Australian economy expands.
The main step for nurses is to gain registration with the Nursing Board of Australia, which requires an assessment period of around four months. Ireland is whats known as a approved country on the Australian Governments skilled migration programme, so nurses with several years experience of working there stand an excellent chance of gaining this registration. That is the key to gaining a job with an employer who will act as a sponsor throughout your stay and even support you in applying for permanent residency.
There are huge career opportunities in Australia right now, and we are seeing more and more Irish nurses resolving to take the plunge.


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