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IT leaders struggle to find the tools to do the job

IT leaders struggle to find the tools to do the job
-   Growing gap between greater commercial demands on IT and existing resources
-   Very few leaders will recruit to plug skills gap
IT leaders are under ever increasing pressure to deliver commercial growth but admit they may lack the skills and resources to deliver, according to research by Modis International [Modis], a global leader in IT recruitment.
Modis asked IT leaders a number of questions about their departments functions and resources. 64% report that the demand on their teams far outweighs their ability to deliver.
Half (51%) say that their teams need greater technical expertise with current systems to be able to support their businesses with commercial goals, while a third (34%) admit their teams do not have the right expertise to cope with new systems at all.
Typical examples of the more commercial demands on IT include analysis of customer information for business acquisition and identifying supply chain efficiencies and new growth areas.
Seven out of ten agree that training current staff will be their priority in plugging the skills gap rather than recruitment, suggesting that IT leaders lack the resources to invest in new talent. Just 15% would consider outsourcing IT, preferring instead to boost existing resources and keep activity in-house.
Commenting on the research, Jim Albert, Managing Director, Modis International, said:
The role of IT is becoming more varied, more commercially focused and this presents real challenges for resourcing. The message from IT leaders is clear: theyre under greater pressure to make technology deliver commercial objectives but they dont have the tools and in some cases the teams to do all aspects of the job. The result is IT decision makers are struggling to meet immediate challenges as well as think about long-term, strategic plans.
The more commercial demands on IT are often highly complex, requiring specific knowledge of data management systems and statistics.
Its one thing organisations being alive to technologys ability to play an important role in business growth, but there has to be recognition at the highest level that investment in talent is needed. The trend for IT specialism is only set to grow.


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