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Manpower Inc. Kicks Off World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Manpower Inc. Kicks Off World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Convening Thought Leaders to Discuss Convergence of Epic Shifts in the New Reality Talent Emerges as Critical Agent for Economic Growth
Manpower Inc. will kick-start activity with a thought-provoking panel discussion at this year's World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, taking place later this month at Davos, Switzerland. Manpower, a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, is partnering with CNBC to host a breakfast panel session that will focus on unleashing and leveraging human potential in the new reality on Wednesday 26th January at 7:00AM.
The world is entering an era of great transformation, in which human potential will become the major agent of economic growth and crucial to creating competitive differentiation. Exploring this new world era, Manpower Inc. Chairman & CEO, Jeffrey A. Joerres will be joined by moderator Frank Brown, Dean of INSEAD and co-panelists Don Tapscott, Chairman of Moxie Insight and best-selling author of Macrowikinomics, Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Confederation of Trade Unions, Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director of Infosys, and Jim Quigley, CEO of Deloitte.
"The theme for this year's Annual Meeting is 'Shared Norms for the New Reality," explained Joerres. "Manpower has identified that the world is entering a new era, requiring the redesign of business models, redefinition of value propositions and reinvention of social systems. During our panel debate, we will collectively review the global forces that have brought us to this point including, but not limited to, the recession, rapid technological development, a shifting demographic landscape, increasing talent shortages and the rise in power of emerging markets. More importantly, we must explore the implications as the world realizes there is no economic reset to "normal."
"Epic shifts are converging to make human potential the critical agent for economic growth and talent will emerge as the new 'it,' dramatically influencing the behavior and success of countries and companies around the world," continued Joerres. "Talent has become the key differentiator."
At this chaotic and challenging time, it is vital that business leaders and governments interrogate the many implications of these shifts, and take action to weather the storm. How to unleash and leverage human potential in an increasingly volatile, shifting world, will become the key question that business and society will seek to answer.
Manpower Inc. is proud to be a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum 2011 Annual Meeting. Jeff Joerres, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO David Arkless, Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs Francoise Gri, Manpower Inc. President of Southern Europe and Jonas Prising, Manpower Inc. President of the Americas, are all participating in high-profile panels at this year's annual forum. Manpower partners with WEF on several initiatives, and in 2010, Joerres co-chaired the World Economic Forum on Europe meeting, Arkless is Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Skills & Talent Mobility. For more information about Manpower's presence at the World economic Forum 2011 Annual Meeting, go to: Joerres will also be sharing regular insight and expertise via Twitter on events in Davos and transformational implications for the world of work. Follow Joerres' tweets at"


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