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Polymers engineering firm Nylacast are looking to recruit 40 Engineering Staff

Polymers engineering firm Nylacast are looking to recruit 40 Engineering Staff after winning multi-million pound projects in their key industries.
After significant success and growth in a number of key industries, East Midlands engineering firm Nylacast are expanding their world-wide operations, including a facility in Houston and taking on a respected figure of new staff in order to accommodate the growth and success of their pioneering polymer business. A number of particular projects with Multi-National conglomerates have established the need for more skilled engineers to join what is an already growing and skilled work force.
Over this recent period of uncertainty, Nylacast have been working behind the scenes to ensure customer satisfaction and that value levels are maintained, assessing how best to support its customers in its core markets. This has led to a number of changes throughout the organisation but always with the customers requirements and needs as the end goal. From front end customer support to quality engineers, Nylacast has already been employing more and more staff to ensure it is operating best practices to meet the demands of a growing customer base, expecting the best from a world leading engineering polymer partner. This ultimately confirms Nylacast tradition of being intrinsically synchronized to their customers needs.
Today Nylacast see their polymer solutions used in more industries than ever, and utilised in what is a truly global market place. The materials and components have been exported around the world and are recognised as pioneering with relation to the latest technologies and applications, including Nylacast branded Nylube and Oilon within the polymer industry.
Dr Malcolm Fox, our professor of research and materials states it is very exciting times for Nylacast, we have a real opportunity to provide the markets with products and materials that offer real long term and sustainable value. Furthermore, Mussa Mahomed, Group CEO, states that the diversification in markets and applications has seen Nylacast grow and expand with our loyalty to all of our customers being recognised as we now have a real opportunity to make a difference to our customers value base, the prosperity of the local community and to all of our stakeholders. This is exciting times for us.


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