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PR pros clue up on SEO: demand for candidates set to rise

PR pros clue up on SEO: demand for candidates set to rise
Since the start of the year weve seen a dramatic rise in the number of PR candidates with SEO experience. Whilst only 2% of our candidates have SEO skills, a massive 84% of them registered from January 2010 onwards. Historically, an increase in skill sets amongst candidates provokes a rise in demand for this spec of talent from clients. So what will this mean going forward?
Candidates prompt change and advance skills
This significant rise in PR candidates advancing their skill sets in such a technical area over a short space of time, demonstrates that the remit of digital PR is steadily advancing. Were seeing a new generation of PR candidate emerging - those at a more junior level already have a much stronger understanding of how digital and its many components work, whilst those already working within a traditional PR role are skilling themselves up to stay ahead.
Why is it happening?
The importance of SEO in the world of PR has increased over the last few years, primarily due to Googles increasing presence online. Every brand wants to increase traffic to their site and they all want to be part of the online conversation. Many organisations are now recognising SEO as an increasingly important element of the PR strategy and are beginning to invest more in search.
Rax Lakhani Head of digital PR firm Onlinefire explains that Around 70% of consumer journeys, whether its B2B or B2C begin at search engine stage. So, brands that arent approaching messaging from a search engine perspective are really missing a trick. Theres also another stat that states that 8 out of 10 searches are done in less than four key words so consumers are getting savvier with searching. People are already searching with key words that they associate with a particular brand, therefore, what we need to do is to create PR messaging that reflects the way people are searching for things and only by doing this are we going to be able to measure the effectiveness of SEO.
Creating rich content
We are also seeing more digital PR briefs requesting specialist editorial candidates with a journalistic background, recruited in teams to produce quality, fully optimised, key word rich content. At present these are predominantly at a more senior level, though historically this should expand to full teams at various levels. We have our own editorial team at Onlinefire  they write quality content matching up to key words, then we distribute them online and within a couple of months this has a massive impact on a brands rankings. Traditionally thats been the role of SEO companies. Rax goes on to explain that this marriage of technical and communication orientated skills used within a PR environment can add value to a brand in the long term.
So, if youre new to the world of digital PR or looking to cross over from traditional, what should you be doing to establish yourself within the sector? As with any PR role, youll need to be an excellent communicator with a strong writing ability, however to specialise in digital it helps if you can gain an understanding of the mechanics behind the strategy, for example SEO. In addition to this youll also need to understand how to write in an online capacity and as Rax explains, establish and utilise the key words used by your target audience.


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