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Blank launches international pay for performance model launches international pay for performance model

Today saw the launch of an innovative new payment model at the International sales job board. A spokesperson for the online recruiter said we are delighted to be able to offer our new pay for performance package to both employers and recruitment agencies worldwide. We have been listening to feedback from recruiters over the past three years and many have told us how disillusioned they are with the conventional payment model offered by the majority of job boards. Our new model is very much focused upon the concept of fairness, in that you get what you pay for and you only pay for what you get. Recruiters will be able to add as many vacancies to our site as they wish free of charge and will only be charged for applications they receive that meet the criteria they have set.

Our pay for performance model has been very much setup with recruiters that seek quality and value for money and that are tired of the old pay and pray model that has been around for the last 15 years. As a global player in the online sales recruitment market we believe this is a unique and high value proposition for all those seeking to recruit quality candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The system we have created allows the recruiter to apply as many screening questions as they wish and to only be charged for applicants passing all of their criteria, however, should they find that there are too few applicants meeting their full criteria they can also screen the details of those that fell short. Should they choose to they can then purchase download the details of the rejected.

The sales recruitment jobsite has been established for over three years now and has over 15,000 vacancies from countries throughout the world and in all areas of sales, marketing and business development. The website is also integrated with a global network of over 1700 job boards (JobG8) and vacancies posted on the site are also distributed to appropriate sites throughout the network. Membership of this global network of job boards combined with outstanding search engine ranking on all of the major search engines around the world will ensure that our clients receive a high level of response to their vacancies. The reach of this global network is approximately 20 million unique visitors per month.


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