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Wye Recruitment merges with SalesMatch

The Perfect Match! - Wye Recruitment merges with SalesMatch

SalesMatch are now providing a premier recruitment service with the help of newly merged company Wye Recruitment. The merger with SalesMatch is to provide employers with a wide choice of recruitment solutions to suit each companys requirements.

The SalesMatch intelligent web-based job matching engine provides employers with a unique opportunity to recruit by professional experience, industry experience and behavioural profile. The engine does not use the out-dated and inaccurate CV word searches.

Employers have the unique opportunity to have candidates matched by behavioural sales profiling. The behavioural profiling uses the well-known concept of the Hunter and Farmer, matching candidates to their natural work environment. One element of the profiling shows which salesperson suits new business and which salesperson suits account management.

Formerly Wye Recruitment Director Spencer Davies, now SalesMatch Sales Director, says: The quality of the match that were able to supply is staggering its right for both the candidates and the employers.

SalesMatch also provide additional profile reports tailored to each individual such as interview questions, sales audit, management style required and highlighted strengths and potential limitations. These reports provide an extensive, in-depth, premier recruitment service which is much needed in the recruitment industry.

We are delighted with the recent merge with Wye Recruitment as it enables SalesMatch to exploit the considerable experience of Spencer Davies in delivering a highly bespoke recruitment service. states Brent Sercombe, Co-Founder of SalesMatch.


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