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Bond Vantage to make executive search agency faster, more efficient and more productive through a central sharing of global data
Award-winning international financial search and consultancy firm Execuzen has, following an extensive assessment of the marketplace, selected to deploy Bond Vantage, the recently-launched executive search software for global firms and boutique talent sourcing teams. Bond Vantage is the latest software innovation by Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment and human capital management software and services.
Execuzen winner of the Here is the City Best Search Firm award for five years running specialises in senior level search within the financial sector and has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai and most recently Istanbul, currently employing over 60 people internationally.
Before making the switch to Bond Vantage, the company was using basic custom-made software, which lacked the necessary functionality to allow the global business to complete its projects as efficiently as possible and therefore to expand the business further. This lacking but vital functionality included providing access to all client records and notes across its various international offices and therefore avoiding duplicated effort or conflicting records. Furthermore, Bond Vantage is able to map onto Execuzens existing processes, rather than require the development of new ones to suit the technology, and as such, is able to support any workflow, process or nuance of Execuzens business.
Dan Hudson, Execuzen COO comments, Our clients expect us to maintain a thorough and detailed knowledge of our market and to have the most up-to-date and detailed information on our candidates and contacts available at our fingertips. By using Bond Vantage, we will have access to all of our records from one central database, accessible from all of our international locations. This ensures that the consultancy arm of the business, which offers clients market mapping, benchmarking and management consultancy, maintains its competitive edge through easy access to accurate data and a more productive approach to the service.
Hudson continues, The value of any executive search consultancy is defined by its information, contacts and relationships. This therefore requires a readily-accessible database and supportive and reliable infrastructure that allows us to demonstrate the extent of our industry knowledge, our ability to work efficiently and rapidly and therefore why we occupy the dominant place in our market.
Prior to being selected by Execuzen, Bond Vantage was benchmarked against three competitors to ensure that it met specific criteria set out by an internal IT steering committee. The committee included individuals from the highest management level through to the most junior, so as to ensure that that the software was of equal value and utility company-wide.
Hudson continues, Having benchmarked Bond Vantage thoroughly we felt confident that it clearly met all of our specified criteria, ranging from IT-based requirements to ease of use, and was the best software solution to enable us to improve both our daily processes and our access to management information. It would have been pointless and eventually expensive to deploy a software
solution that we could not guarantee would be just as useful for board level company-wide analysis as it was for the day-to-day running of our search projects. With Bond Vantages functionality and design however, we could foresee clear company-wide benefits and felt certain that we were making the correct choice.
Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software concludes, We are delighted that Execuzen selected Bond Vantage as their software of choice. The fact that Bond Vantage met the rigid selection criteria that Execuzen set highlights Bonds thoroughness in the design of comprehensive software that supports every facet of a business in the most unobtrusive manner possible. Execuzen is the perfect example of an ambitious and successful organisation that stands to benefit enormously at every level from scalable, flexible executive search software such as Bond Vantage.


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