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Groupe Crit has announced its Q4 Financial Performance

Groupe Crit has announced its Q4 Financial Performance
Throughout FY 2010, the CRIT group totals a turnover of 1 310.9 M an increase of 16.3%. Q4 participates in this double digit growth with a turnover of 346,7M, up 16.3%.
As expected, thus permitted group will exercise to reconnect with the growth in a more favourable context. The two poles of activity group, temporary work and airport operations contributed to this good performance.
Temporary work: 18.7% in the fourth quarter
Temporary work (83.5% of total turnover), the annual turnover is 1 093,9 M an increase of 15.9% 16.7% in France. This growth is compared to an estimated progression
16% of the French market over the period (estimate Prism). The year-end is particularly dynamic with a fourth quarter growth more 18.7% to 292. 6 M.
As the international France contributed to this good fourth quarter:
France, turnover establishes 270,6 m (2), an increase of 19.8% compared to the fourth quarter of 2009.
International, the fourth quarter turnover rose by 6.5% to 22 M (2). Spain (for 60% of international turnover) is at the heart of this growth with a turnover increase of 4.2% to 12.3 M. In moonlighting on the fiscal year, the Spain displays a turnover over 50 M 12.4% on a market rose by 4.9% (source: Observatorio Sectorial).
Airport: Cape of 175 M of turnover (28.6%)
North Pole multiservices (16.5% of total turnover), growth is also at the Rendez-vous with 233,7 M (2) in annual sales up 18%. Throughout the exercise, this growth has been worn by airport operations, despite a contrasting air transport market, were able to enjoy a scope extended to new terminals on Roissy and Orly. This extension of field of intervention of the group is illustrated by the signing of 18 new contracts and generated nearly 50 M of turnover in the year. Thanks to this dynamic airport operations totaling 175 M turnover on exercise an increase of 28.6% versus the same period of
2009 Fourth-quarter turnover appears 43.3 m increase of 11.1% despite the disturbances to the snowy episodes.
Relief of the level of activity covered by all the Poles translate positively in the results of the exercise. This new dynamic confirmed during the final months of the year allows also to the group address 2011 with confidence.


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