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Recruitment industry recovering from recession

Recruitment industry recovering from recession
As the UK is on the road to recovery after the recession, the recruitment industry is one of the first to begin to drive its way out of these challenging times.
The recruitment industry is likely to be one of the first sectors to recover from the recession based on previous economic downturns. Businesses are looking to take on temporary staff, rather than committing to permanent employees.
In the last recession the UK recruitment industry went from more than 4billion in 1993, to its peak of a projected 27billion in 2008. In 2010 latest figures show the temporary and contract recruitment industry is currently estimated to be at 17.8billion. Therefore there is room for growth in this sector.
American media are currently reporting that the American manufacturing industry has expanded at the fastest rate in seven years even though overall recovery is still uneven. 'Job Growth' is now considered a welcome term in the American job market and the UK is set to follow suit.
Which is why, in 2011, there is an opportunity for growth and for budding entrepreneurs to take advantage and establish themselves.
John Buckman, Jark plc Chairman said: "From the patterns we can see in America we can have confidence that this is the start of a full economic recovery that will role into the UK. Which is why I believe now is the time to launch a recruitment business.
"I launched my first recruitment business in 1993 after the last recession and Jark plc reached a peak of more than 90million at 2009 year end. It simply can not be ignored that my business grew at a time of great opportunity.
"This recession has been harsher and more devastating, in the industry we operate in, than the last one. The speed with which we come out of this lull we are currently in is going to be far greater, which will create many opportunities for individuals willing to take the plunge.
"Now is the time to establish yourself, be strong, fresh and motivated, not part of a weak business that has only just survived through the recession."
John Buckman is offering a Joint Ventures opportunity to entrepreneurs who are experienced in the industry and need funding, support and advice to build their own brand.


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