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Research Reveals UKs Top 10 Work-shy Locations

Research Reveals UKs Top 10 Work-shy Locations
New research from the UKs fastest growing online HR Consultancy has revealed the top 10 work-shy locations across the UK. Liverpool tops the poll with two fifths admitting to wasting more than 3 hours a day when at work, shortly followed by Manchester.
In a bid to discover more about the working habits of employed Britons, the UKs fastest growing online HR Consultancy asked 2,913 employed Britons how much time they feel they waste whilst at work. The results were subsequently broken down to reveal the top 10 work-shy locations in the UK. 
According to the study, conducted by, employed residents of Liverpool were the most work-shy Britons with two fifths, 42%, of the respondents from the area admitting to wasting 3 hours or more each working day.  A further 11% of those polled from Liverpool stated that they waste 2 3 hours each day whilst at work.
The study found that, following those from Liverpool, employed residents from Manchester were the next most work-shy, with more than a third, 34%, of respondents from the area stating that they waste 3 hours or more whilst at work each day.
Respondents were asked On an average working day, how much time do you feel you waste? and below are the top 10 most work-shy locations across the UK, based on those who admitted to wasting three or more hours whilst at work:
Liverpool 42%
Manchester 34%
Blackburn 29%
Swindon 24%
Newport 21%
Brighton 19%
Hull 17%
Glasgow 12%
Swansea 9%
Peckham 7%
When asked to elaborate, the study found that the majority, 54%, of the total of respondents predominately waste time on social networking sites such as Facebook whilst at work. A further 28% stated that they mostly waste time at work browsing online stores.
Furthermore, a fifth, 19% of the total respondents polled waste time at work chatting with colleagues and a further 6% admitted to simply day dreaming when at work.
In contrast, respondents to the poll from Bristol waste the least amount of time at work, with only 0.5% of those asked from the city claiming to waste 3 or more hours in an average working day.  
Kirsty Burgess, co-managing director of, had the following to say about the findings
Wasting time at work is probably something we are all guilty of, although, wasting over three hours is excessive. If a person is wasting this much time, perhaps they are no longer satisfied in their employment and they could consider searching for a more challenging role. If this isnt the case, and they are just too easily distracted a brief conversation with management should rectify the situation.
She continued,
With regards to looking for employment, being invited for an interview is a great opportunity, however the potential employer will need a reference from the previous role, so before logging on to a social networking site or browsing the web, perhaps people should consider telling their boss they have capacity and show that they are more eager to work.


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