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The Big Societydo UK SMEs know what it is?

The Big Societydo UK SMEs know what it is?
- A summary of todays national poll carried out to UK SMEs
Prime Minister David Cameron recently re-launched his vision of a Big Society. Touch Local carried out a poll amongst a sample of UK SMEs registered on our directory to find out if small business owners understood the concept of Camerons Big Society.
The Survey
David Cameron has a vision of a 'Big Society' - do you know what 'Big Society' is?
The Results
Yes:                      451    (43%)
No:                       591    (57%)
*Total responses:  1042
The businesses who took the survey are all listed on
Despite many business respondents (43%) claiming to understand Camerons concept of Big Society, many believed it to be ambiguous and confusing. This notion is supported through some comments which found that many business owners understanding of the concept was erroneous. The majority (57%) who took the survey did not know the Prime Ministers key mission. These results suggest that the Government need to communicate better with SMEs over key issues if they want to obtain their understanding and buy-in.
Some of the comments from the respondents:
What is the 'Big Society' all about and how does it affect me?
Big Society....? No idea!
The Big Society means getting people to work for no pay.
Big Society is merely a front for government cuts and for creating a market for services.
I know what the "Big Society" is, or at least what it should be, but rarely hear it being explained in easily digestible language, which encourages those who don't want to understand it to resort to ridicule.
It is an utterly meaningless phrase but appears to rely upon volunteers filling the void created by cuts in local authority funding.
It seems to be a way of getting volunteers to perform the services that we already pay for in taxes
Knowing what it is one thing. How it will work is another. Not all levels of society can be expected to participate, even if they know what it is in the first place.
Another word for Big Brother.


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