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ARC to discuss employment tribunal reform

ARC to discuss employment tribunal reform hirers welcome
Continuing the process of representation under its key campaign to reform Employment Tribunals, the Association of Recruitment Consultancies is to meet on 14th April to discuss the issues and ideas thrown up in the current government consultation on Employment Tribunal reform.
Adrian Marlowe, Chair of the ARC said last year we identified two aspects relating to the operations of employment tribunals that give cause for concern. First that current processes do not make it easy to weed out unfounded and vexatious claims, often leaving those defending with little commercial option other than to pay out regardless of merit. Second that the position is likely to become worse as claims are made under the Agency Workers Regulations, which will apply from 1st October this year.
The balance we say is unfairly tipped against respondents, whether employers or agency suppliers, and we have urged the government to make changes to the rules to address this. The consultation is specifically with this unfairness in mind.
Employment claims including those from regular employees and agency workers, as well as claims under the forthcoming Agency Workers Regulations, generally fall to be dealt with by  Employment Tribunals.
We welcomed the governments consultation and now we intend to meet with stakeholders including hirers of agency workers to achieve their feedback before the consultation ends on 20th April. All hirers of agency workers are welcome to attend this members meeting in line with our policy to consult widely.
The meeting is to be held on 14th April in London, with key note speakers from the Department of BIS, and Craig Robb, Head of the Employment Tribunal Service.


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