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ASA Staffing Index Monthly Report

ASA Staffing Index Monthly Report
The ASA Staffing Index estimates weekly changes in the number of people employed in temporary and contract work. ASA developed the index to provide a current measure of staffing industry employment trends.
Staffing Statistics
Weekly Report: March 713, 2011
During the week of March 713, 2011, temporary and contract employment fell 0.41%, maintaining the ASA Staffing Index at a value of 91.
At a current index value of 91, U.S. staffing employment has dropped 9% over the past 13 weeks and is currently 9% higher than the same weekly period in 2010.
Monthly Report: March 2011
 Staffing employment in March is 9% higher than in the same month last year, according to the ASA Staffing Index. The index for March is 91, up one index point from 90 in February, suggesting that U.S. staffing employment has increased 1% over the past month. Staffing employment is typically lowest during the first few months of each year and grows throughout the subsequent months.


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