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Gender discrimination rife in the IT sector

Gender discrimination rife in the IT sector
85% of female IT workers believe gender discrimination is a problem in the sector
3 times more IT professionals prefer male bosses
70% of women feel their gender is a barrier to success
Gender discrimination is rife in the IT and telecommunications industries.
According to new research from IT and telecoms recruiter Greythorn, 51% of female employees in the IT and telecoms sector say they have been victims of gender discrimination.
85% of female workers in the sector say gender discrimination exists in the industry. But while this means more than 60% of all IT workers say discrimination exists, half of this group admit they wouldnt take any action to stop it.
Paul Winchester, managing director of Greythorn speculates: The IT and telecoms industry has a history of gender discrimination. While more than half of women say they have suffered as a result of gender discrimination, 62% of the workforce says it happens, but they arent bothered by it. This shows a stone-age attitude. Sexism has to be actively stamped out of the workplace and those who blithely accept it are just as much to blame as people who actively discriminate. Unfortunately, discrimination has made working in the IT industry an unfair and often deeply frustrating experience for women.


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