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Manpower Inc. Recognized for Commitment to Helping Refugees Find Jobs

Manpower Inc. Recognized for Commitment to Helping Refugees Find Jobs Global Leader in Innovative Workforce Solutions Selected as Sole Recipient of the RefugeeOne 2011 Many Voices, One Vision Recognition Award
Manpower Inc., world leader in innovative workforce solutions, has been recognized by Chicago, U.S.A.-based refugee agency RefugeeOne as the recipient of the 2011 Many Voices, One Vision Recognition Award for its corporate social responsibility efforts in reaching out to refugees and helping them regain the dignity of work.
"On the spectrum of people who can work, refugees and displaced persons are the most marginalized around the world," said David Arkless, Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs. "This makes the task of local integration even more difficult for refugees, who just want to be able to support themselves and their families. Helping provide the skills and education that refugees need and connecting them to sustainable jobs gives them back their human dignity and allows them to make a positive contribution to their new homelands."
Manpower was selected as the recipient of the award for the support of Manpower Chicago's operation in successfully placing refugees in jobs, as RefugeeOne strives to secure gainful employment for refugees newly-arrived in the Chicago area. RefugeeOne is one of several partnerships Manpower is involved with worldwide to be an effective resource for positive social change.
Seeing an opportunity to respond proactively to accelerating client demand for industrial and factory workers, Manpower helped RefugeeOne prequalify potential job candidates and quickly employed 10 of the refugees with local industrial clients. Additional refugees were subsequently placed in similar positions as the Chicago-area economy continues to rebound.
Manpower has engaged in several partnerships with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and was one of the founding partners in the campaign, which is focused on providing education to the nine million children who are living long term in refugee camps around the world without access to adequate schooling to provide them with the skills they will need when they are eventually repatriated.


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