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Norwegian Labour inspectorate scrutinizes staffing industry

Norwegian Labour inspectorate scrutinizes staffing industry
Adecco Helse, the largest private company responsible for running nursing home chains in Norway, admitted on 17th February it had violating the law at five of its homes by letting its employees work long shifts.
Personnel at Oslos Ammerudlunden nursing home have worked 84 hours a week without overtime pay and had to sleep in an old bomb shelter, Dagsavisen reports.
Director of Adecco Health, Brd Kristiansen, resigned from his position six days later, admitting he was aware of the employees working conditions. The Norwegian Labour Inspection  Authority (Arbeidstilsynet) subsequently filed complaints with police against the company.
Patrick De Maeseneire, Chief Executive of Adeccos Swiss parent company that received much of the profits from its Norwegian subsidiaries, told NRK last week all those who knew about the illegal practices would be fired.
The Labour Inspection Authority decided, this week, to initiate an action focused on the staffing industry.
Ingrid Finboe Svendsen at the authority believes, there are many who do not have good employment agencies and starting this audit action would reveal more violations.
Its the first time we are running such an organized campaign against the staffing industry. Our intention is to look at how hired out employees are treated following our previous experience with the industry, tip-offs, and media coverage, the authoritys departmental head in Oslo, Pl Lund, tells Dagsavisen.
The health sector, which includes nursing homes, homecare, and hospitals, is the first one to be investigated for long shifts and unpaid overtime. There will also be inspections of the cleaning and construction industries, as well as restaurants.
During the last few years, the Labor Inspectorate has discovered violations of the Employment Act in seven out of ten cases.
Ingrid Finboe Svendsen believes their audits will lead to improved working conditions for employees. The authoritys campaign will continue until Easter, when the decision will be taken whether or not to continue.
We will, however, be keeping a watchful eye on the staffing industry in years to come, she says.


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