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PeopleCo raise 1247.50 for charity

On Comic relief day on Friday PeopleCo the Harrogate based IT recruiter part of the InterQuest Group held a Bush Tucker trial a la Im a celebrity. 16 people completed the task 8 retired hurt!!!!

PeopleCo raised 1247.50 for the charity

Copy of the menu.

1. Spoonful of marmite

2. Cold over-boiled cabbage

3. Chocolate witchetty grubs

4. Pigs nipples

5. Haggis burgers

6. Baby octupus (2 on a cocktail stick - they look like alien babies bleeuggghhh)

7. Strawberry tripeful (minced tripe instead of custard)

8. A shot of 'cod liver oil' (liquidised cod roe, chicken livers and olive oil - with a sprinkling of lumpfish caviar on the top)

9. A dead cricket

10. Dragons blood breadstick


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