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The ALP is urging its members labour users and supermarkets to plan for the ending of WRS

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) is urging its members labour users and supermarkets to plan for the ending of the Workers Registration Scheme(WRS).
The WRS will end automatically on 30 April 2011 and there is no scope under European law to extend it or introduce a new scheme. The ALP has been pressing the Home Office to introduce satisfactory arrangements to ensure an orderly ending of the scheme but has had no response.
It costs 90 for workers to register, a significant sum for low paid workers.  No worker who begins work after 2 April should register and in practice new migrant workers can effectively choose not to register with immediate effect as they will be committing no offence and no attempt is being made to enforce the scheme. The ALP is concerned that some labour users will continue to monitor compliance with the scheme after it has ceased to exist causing inconvenience to labour providers and distress to workers. Mark Boleat Chairman Association of Labour Providers said: We are delighted that the scheme will end in April as there has never been any justification of it. It is unreasonable to expect workers to pay 90 to register under a scheme which will end shortly. Labour users supermarkets and social compliance auditors should cease monitoring compliance with the WRS with immediate effect so as to facilitate an orderly run down of the scheme.


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