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Two in three job seekers see Scotland as top destination

Two in three job seekers see Scotland as top destination
A record two in three job seekers are considering moving to Scotland for work, according to the latest survey from TalentScotland.
Of those surveyed from America, Africa, the European Union and Asia, 68% would consider relocating to Scotland, an increase of 19% since 2008.  Scotland also remains the top UK destination for those seeking a career move.
The annual survey was commissioned by TalentScotland, a one stop portal which promotes living, working and studying in Scotland. Services include advertising job vacancies in energy, financial services, electronics and life sciences sectors, as well as visa, immigration and relocation advice and a graduate placement programme.
Hazel Sinclair, Head of TalentScotland said:
This is our third survey and it is great to see that year on year Scotland is leading the way in the UK as the destination of choice for job seekers.
This years findings are the most promising yet, with 68% of respondents favouring Scotland over other parts of the UK.
Scotland continues to appeal to those looking to relocate but the factors jobseekers find important are shifting. Education, healthcare, security and culture are coming through stronger in determining relocation decisions which strike the right work/life balance.
Education, healthcare, security and culture are the most important factors for jobseekers. 83% of respondents believe security and safety to be the most important life related elements, followed closely by healthcare (81%), career development (80%) and education (71%). 
Respondents opinions to sector interest showed an increase towards life sciences, with one in three most interested in the sector, an increase of 11% over the last two years.
The survey also identified a demographic shift as more 45-64 year olds look towards Scotland as a location for work. Of those respondents in that age category, 77% had a willingness to relocate to Scotland.
Case Study
Craig Jamieson, England
While enjoying a successful and high profile career with Barclays Wealth in London, Craig Jamieson realised that he did not have the right work-life balance.
When he heard about an opportunity to move to Scotland with the organisation he jumped at the chance. Now he has plenty of time to enjoy with his family as well as sailing off the west coast of Scotland, one of his favourite pastimes.
Talking about his relocation to Scotland, Craig said:
I heard about the expansion of Barclays Wealths Glasgow operation and was interested in the role of Director of Private Banking as well as living in Scotland so I threw my hat into the ring.
I moved up in July 2009 and its been a great move. It has not only provided me with a great job but also a more sensible work-life balance. I now have much more time with my family and the opportunity to pursue our passion for sailing Ive sailed all over the world but I believe, on a good day, nothing can beat the west coast of Scotland.


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