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Visionary all-seeing recruitment system engages progressive business

Visionary all-seeing recruitment system engages progressive business
Blue Octopus, the no nonsense recruitment business based in West Yorkshire, has developed a visionary HR system specially created and designed for its clients to have an all seeing instantaneous view of all recruitment activity.
Uniquely, Engage Recruitment Technology, allows a total and instantly updated overview of all job applicants, which to pursue, which to discard and which to put on hold. And it doesnt stop there, each candidates details can be quickly accessed and, furthermore, it is ingeniously simple to use so there is no down time or expensive training. Each client of Blue Octopus can have a tailor-made system which ensures they get just what they need.   The old, agonising process of filtering paper applications is now firmly in the dustbin.  Applicants apply online, get screened in the first instance and are managed through the recruitment process via the innovative Engage Recruitment Technology. There is an effective traffic light system which takes minutes to assess. 
Blue Octopus Joint Founder and Director, Chris Coleman says: We have developed our Engage Recruitment Technology over the last few months specifically based on what our clients have told us they need to run an efficient HR and recruitment department.  We tailor each system to absolutely match their requirements to ensure they have a highly efficient and speedy solution.
Already Sleepmasters, one of the UKs largest bed retailers, has bought into Engage and now use it to maintain its 650 strong workforce for recruiting.  It currently has over 150 stores and a network of 4 distribution centres in England, Wales and Ireland, with its HQ in Accrington, all of which will be integrated into their new recruitment system.
Noel Jolly, Head of HR, Sleepmasters, says: Sleepmasters has used E-recruitment as its primary source of filling vacancies for the past 5 years. We have found it essential for a retail business like ours to effectively recruit at the speed and in the quantity we need to remain successful and a leader in our field. Although systems have developed dramatically recently, Blue Octopus has revolutionised the way we now operate. By simply listening to what we need, they built a system that perfectly fits like our business and is of immense benefit, providing the key to employment success.
Our key issues and pressures were taken extremely seriously by the Blue Octopus programming team, with speed, flexibility and simplicity taking priority.  We have a system that has reduced spend and crucially the time spent on recruitment for our Sales Managers.  2011 is the first year of the last eight where we have entered our busiest trading period fully staffed. The team at Blue Octopus has played a truly significant part with its levels of commitment, professionalism and advice, second to none, and are proud to say that Blue Octopus is our recruitment partner.
Blue Octopus Software Solutions, a division of Blue Octopus Recruitment Limited is run by Talvinder Nagra along with his brother Sandeep.  It has developed Engage Recruitment Technology and maintains the internal sales and support systems within the Company and provides the design and implementation of integrated careers websites for clients. 


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