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AWR Guidance provides some answers but also raises questions

AWR Guidance provides some answers but also raises questions, says REC Policy Chair

Following the publication of the draft AWR guidance on Friday, the REC has begun collating feedback from members. The initial consensus from recruiters is that the guidance provides helpful clarification in some areas it also leaves some questions unanswered.

Commenting, Marshall Evans, Group Operations Director at Staffline Group plc and Chair of the RECs Employment Policy Committee said:

On the plus side, definitions on topics such as a "substantively different role", breaks between assignments, and "performance appraisal" were useful, and there is a real effort to curb the potential misuse of the Swedish Derogation model by forbidding contracts with one hours per week between assignments.

However, the attempt to clarify issues such as "pay between assignments" and a "four week notice period running in parallel" were less clear, and many of the examples are too simplistic to apply to the actual workplace.

While the guidance is useful and can be considered as a work in progress, we look forward to making constructive suggestions during the next two weeks of consultation. The views and feedback of REC members will be crucial.


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