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Discovery Graduates selects RDB ProNet recruitment platform for its versatility

Discovery Graduates selects RDB ProNet recruitment platform for its versatility
Speed, efficiency, effectiveness and delivering optimal productivity are, perhaps, expected of a recruitment platform, and RDB ProNet has acquired an excellent reputation for these attributes since its launch in 2005. However, what if you are asked to accommodate non-standard functionality such as candidate behaviour in your search criteria or the ability to look ahead and predict a candidates future performance?
A large part of the selection decision for most recruitment agencies hinges on how many CVs their systems can handle and how quickly CVs can be placed in front of the client. Jonathan Evans, Managing Director of Discovery Graduates, questions the relevance of CV shuffling.
Discovery selects candidates on competency and behaviour in order to deliver quality graduates to inject new talent and meet succession demands in blue chip organisations. A CV is unlikely to be seen until the final assessment.
Three years ago Discovery reviewed the market as their recruitment software of ten years wasnt meeting the changing recruitment landscape.  First Choice Softwares highly customisable .NET solution, RDB ProNet, stood out from the competition for its ability to adapt to Discoverys exact requirements, whereas other vendors insisted that internal processes had to change. Evans was convinced by First Choices absolute willingness to understand our business model and our challenges.
Discovery is rigorous at the front end of its process to ensure clients see enough choice of quality at the back end. Following a campaign, there follow interviews and screening as part of a six part assessment stage to qualify for Discoverys books long before any final client assessment meetings. In RDB ProNet, Discovery found a system whose speed and flexibility, according to Evans, virtually allowed us to run our own internal quality audits at any stage in our process.
Discovery had previously run two separate systems for candidates and clients whereas RDB ProNet allowed them to reduce duplication and error, and concentrate fully on delivering client benefits. It is easier for us to convince clients that they are investing wisely in us and a long term solution, and see us as partners. RDB ProNet enables us to deliver predictable outcomes, said Evans.
Optimum efficiency is essential in todays recruitment market and organisations have to operate with slick, lean staffing to remain competitive. Yet there is also a need to evolve traditional recruitment practices and to innovate in order to provide a differentiated service to the client. 
Discovery Graduates assists organisations with attraction, recruitment, development and retention. The companys Open Programme goes beyond skills-based training to help clients nurture their talent to become the managers of tomorrow. RDB ProNet underpins Discoverys ethos of quality and development and helps the company to deliver its visionary programmes.
However, relying on technology introduces risk unless recruiters evaluate whether their system can support their long term strategy. First Choice state their solution is fully functional straight out of the box and that, by providing open access to the database, they have made it future proof where other providers can only manage a facelift. Jonathan Evans is convinced about the choice theyve made and said RDB ProNet is a phenomenally powerful system that were still not using to its full potential yet.
Roy Snart, Managing Director, reaffirmed First Choice Softwares commitment to continuous innovation and customer support. We provide classic and pioneering recruitment firms with the tools and latest technologies to gain competitive advantage and deliver candidate and client satisfaction.


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