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Half of Britons Feel Discriminated Against at Work

Half of Britons Feel Discriminated Against at Work
New research from the UKs fastest growing online HR Consultancy has revealed that 53% of Britons have felt discriminated against whilst at work, the majority of which are women. Furthermore, the poll has revealed the top ten reasons why the respondents felt discriminated against in the work place.  
In a bid to discover more about the experiences of British employees, the UKs fastest growing HR Consultancy polled a sample of 1,973 employed members of the public to find out if they ever felt discriminated against whilst at work and, if so, why this was the case.
The study, conducted by, found that of the total respondents polled more than half, 53%, had felt discriminated against whilst in employment.  The respondents who admitted to having once felt discriminated against were then asked to specify why.
The study found that gender was the main reason the respondents felt discriminated against, with 68% agreeing. Following gender was weight with 57% admitting to having felt discriminated against due to their size.  
Furthermore, 31% of the respondents stated that they had felt discriminated against by their current or previous employer due to their race. According to the study, 13% of the respondents had left a previous role due to feeling discriminated against by their employer or fellow employees.
According to the study, conducted by, below are the top 10 reasons why respondents had previously felt discriminated against at work:
Gender 68%
Weight 57%
Race 31%
Marital status 29%
Political views 27%
Salary 25%
Sexuality 22%
Academic qualifications 19%
Where they live 19%
Dress sense 11%
Of the 53% that admitted to feeling discriminated against whilst at work, more than three quarters, 76%, were women.
Kirsty Burgess, co-managing director of, had the following to say about the findings,
Feeling as though you are being discriminated against in the work place is a serious matter and should be addressed straight away. No employee should feel as though they arent treated equally for any reason.
She continued,
My advice to anyone feeling discriminated against in the work place would be to talk to a peer, manager or HR officer at the earliest opportunity. You dont have to make a formal complaint, many of these cases can be easily resolved informally, but it is worth remembering that if your employer does not know that you are unhappy they cant help to resolve the problems


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