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John Berry - Abuse of Employment Tribunals

John Berry - Abuse of Employment Tribunals

Serial litigant, John Berry has failed to verify in Court thus casting doubts on his true identity. Leading the action was Gordon Turner from Partners Lawyers who, like Recruitment International, has fought for many years to stop Berry from bringing hundreds of spurious claims.

Gordon told RI, Today, I received a decision from Employment Judge Goodman at the London Central Tribunals regarding what appears to be a significant strategic gap in the way in the system is run and which should be addressed in the pending review. It relates to serial claims alleging age discrimination in relation to adverts which may put off applicants by terms such as recent graduate and school leaver. There is clearly a significant dishonest aspect to this.

Having checked out Mr Berry we noticed discrepancies between his ET standard template and the Electoral Register. Mr Berry, despite ample opportunity to do so has declined to provide passport and utility bill as ordered by Judgement Goodman to verify his identity by 18th February of the sort which solicitors must request on taking a new client under Money Laundering regulations. Employment Judge Goodman raises the spectre of Claimants doing this kind of thing even from abroad.

From a practical point of view the service needs to consider (in my view) how it is equipped to receive information and respond to this kind of thing and to monitor it, given the privacy around the register of claims. It has taken 2 years since I first raised this for action to be taken.

In terms of Mr Berry, any person who is in receipt of a claim from him should please contact me and I will provide the necessary information so that judges can act quickly to prevent unreasonable costs and congestion at the Tribunals.

I should add that Mr Berry even appealed his decision to the EAT but failed to turn up. Costs awards against him would have no value as he is not traceable.

The Register of Decisions below shows only those cases which went all the way to some kind of disposal. I have around 25 affected clients and their claims do not feature.

I am concerned that this may be a widespread scam and am calling on the Ministry of Justice to investigate this and send its findings for consideration within the Review with recommendations as to how to combat the problem.


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