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Recruitment market commentary from Badenoch & Clark

Professional talent spotlight March 2011 / Recruitment market commentary from Badenoch & Clark
Human Resources
All comments by Lynne Hardman, Managing Director, Professional Services,
Badenoch & Clark
Market data:
Permanent salaries up 0.17% YOY
Permanent vacancies up 0.1% MOM to 2,275
HR Assistant salary up 0.12% YOY to 20,000
Contract salaries up 0.02% YOY
Contract vacancies up 0.04% YOY to 276
It appears that organisations appetite to invest in people and bring recruitment back in house is yet to have much of an effect on either contract rates or permanent salaries.
In-house recruitment teams expanding
In-house recruiters are once again in demand, particularly on the interim side. Many larger organisations are starting to re-look at their recruitment strategies and are adding to their recruitment teams. This is particularly so in sectors where business is picking up, such as financial services, natural resources and engineering.
Investment in people is key to growth
As organisations start to see positive and consistent signs of growth, there is a renewed focus on retaining talent. This is being reflected in a significant rise in vacancies for Learning & Development professionals, particularly at the senior level, as investing in people is seen as a key priority.
Senior end of the market picking up
The senior end of the HR market has begun to see signs of activity, with more vacancies coming onto the market in recent months. This is being fuelled by organisations keen to get back to pre-recession levels and needing a firm hand at the steer to ensure growth and development plans stay on course.
HR needs to step up to the plate
Demand continues to grow for HR professionals who can offer more than technical skills. Organisations are increasingly looking for HR professionals to set the tone for the future, operate at a strategic level and can demonstrate strong commercial thinking and business acumen.
Business growth is driving a need for in-house recruiters
Senior HR professionals steering growth and development
Demonstrable commercial


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