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Candidate Manager Launches Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking Solution TalentPack

Candidate Manager Launches Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking Solution TalentPack
TalentPack will attend the CIPD Recruitment Exhibition 2011
Candidate Manager, a leading global provider of e-recruitment software solutions, has announced the launch of their new cloud-based applicant tracking software solution TalentPack.
TalentPack is a web-based applicant tracking system that uniquely streamlines the recruitment process both for recruiters and for applicants. Recruiters benefit from an intuitive user interface with key features to increase HR recruitment automation such as integrated job posting, applicant-recruiter email interaction and job specific application forms leading to better quality applicant shortlisting. These features directly impact on recruiter productivity, with greater focus on selecting the best applicants for progression to interview stages and hiring decision.
Darach Deehan, CEO, Candidate Manager, commented: TalentPack is a price competitive solution for companies who are looking for the essentials in applicant tracking without breaking the bank. TalentPack is designed to work from the recruiters perspective in order to give organisations a faster and seamless recruiter centric solution. Applicants too are offered a better applicant experience with job specific application questions which help applicants represent themselves better to prospective employers.
This solution accelerates the recruitment process with features such as integrated job posting, applicant recruiter email interaction, applicant screening, shortlisting, ranking and comparison views. The focus is to deliver a cost-effective solution which will help companies recruit more effectively and hire better talent quicker. It is not just process reengineering, but a deliberate drive to provide the best solution from modern day recruitment.
Don Stapleton, Product Manager for TalentPack commented: Recruitment is an intensive high touch activity. We often speak to recruiters who are mired in administration and who feel ineffective. All the while they need to identify quality applicants from the fog of candidates which creates greater pressure on the recruitment team.
We are building TalentPack using the latest technology to leverage the operational cost benefit of cloud computing. A massive benefit is our ability to rollout to global markets at far greater speed than ever before. This solution is built from the ground up as a true cloud-based application and this allows us to leverage our existing sales channels via our parent company Saongroup, who have operations in 19 different countries, immediately. In addition, we are signing up new channel partners for greater geographical sales coverage and market penetration.


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