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Following the release of the Agency Workers Regulations Guidance

Following the release of the Agency Workers Regulations Guidance The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have commented, "TEAM have been a very useful partner throughout the consultation period. 
We have done our best to take on board the views of all industry constituents and our on-going discussions with TEAM and others throughout this process has been a very important part of that process.
The Education Sector members had some particular queries in the AWD.  As a result TEAM invited one of their specialist members from this Sector, Mana Resourcing, to a BIS discussion with members of DfE with regards to clearer guidance when engaging a supply Teacher.
During the meeting, Mana raised concerns on a number of issues, including pay for Supply Teachers. As a result of the subsequent discussions between Mana, BIS, and TEAM, general supply assignments will now be paid to the Cover Supervisor pay scale, providing lesson planning is not required. For assignments where lesson planning is required, it has to be completed by a qualified Teacher, and therefore the pay will be according to their individual pay scale. This was not how it could have been interpreted, as there was the potential to discriminate against more experienced Teachers, as they could have been priced out of the general supply market.
Liz Longman, TEAM MD says TEAM welcomes the final guidance to enable Agencies to gain clarity and thanked Mana Resourcing and the TEAM membership as a whole for their input which was then included the BIS discussions.
TEAM are running a series of AWR Workshops across the country to assist implementation of the new Regulations. Key Representatives of the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) will be attending.


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