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Leading energy recruiter chooses Drag&Tag to increase staff productivity

Leading energy recruiter chooses Drag&Tag to increase staff productivity and safeguard key intellectual property
Spencer Ogden is the market leader for oil & gas, nuclear and renewable energy permanent and contract recruitment. 
Key Challenges
With the increasing use of professional networks in recruitment, recruiters are building their own private databases of valuable candidates and contacts. Spencer Ogden wanted to enable its recruiters to benefit from each others connections held in professional networks and to ensure that the company continued to benefit from this valuable information.
With resourcing and lead generation tasks being primarily carried out online, Spencer Ogden
wanted a quick and efficient way to create and update records in their CRM system, Bullhorn. In addition Spencer Ogden recognised that a lot of valuable information was being retained in spreadsheets and notepads and wanted to ensure that this information was shared and retained
The solution
Spencer Ogden purchased the Drag&Tag add-ins in May, 2010, and the following week the Drag&Tag add ins were installed in the users browser, fully integrated with their CRM, Bullhorn.
Drag&Tag allows Spencer Ogden users to link their accounts with common professional networks enabling a single search across all company connections. As Drag&Tag is integrated with the CRM, Bullhorn, it is now also linked to these professional networks enabling users to create or update candidates, contact and client records directly from the browser in real time with a full duplicate checking process.
Spencer Ogden recruiters now have a method of capturing and making notes on web pages, emails and documents, with a single click and all this tagged information previously held outside of corporate or collaborative systems is now available to the rest of the team and is flagged to them at the right time even when they arent searching for it via Drag&Tag Genius alerts.
The Results
Spencer Ogden recruiters have been adding records to Drag&Tag at an average rate of 1000/month resulting in Spencer Ogden now having over 9,000 records under management in Drag&Tag. Pre Drag&Tag all this information was stored outside of Spencer Ogden systems where it could not be shared, re-used or retained.
Donna Hewett, Operation Manager at Spencer Ogden commented The use of professional networks in recruitment is a complex problem. Drag&Tag provides a simple solution that allows the users to continue to work as they wish whilst ensuring we capture and retain this valuable intellectual property.
Being able to create and update records in Bullhorn up to 10 times faster than before Drag &Tag means recruiters are spending less time manually creating and updating records and more time focusing on placements. As records are so easy to update in the CRM, it has the added benefit of ensuring that Bullhorn remains up to date.
Guy Rubin, Drag&Tag Managing Director added Using Drag&Tag, staff at Spencer Ogden have built a team-wide knowledge base about clients, projects and prospects which means they are better informed, spending less time duplicating effort and as a consequence winning more business.
Spencer Ogden have also benefitted from Drag&Tag in ways not originally anticipated. With Drag&Tags online activity statistics, managers have a way of understanding the value of different online resources and can make comparisons of high and low performers to identify training needs and how working activities vary.


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