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London Calling - REC picks up the baton for 2012 World Employment Conference

London Calling - REC picks up the baton for 2012 World Employment Conference

Last week's World Employment Conference in Rotterdam concluded with some important messages for the worldwide recruitment industry. The final day also saw REC Chief Executive Kevin Green outlining plans for the 2012 event which will be held in London.

Contributions from leading market analysts and from the Chief Executives of four of the world's largest staffing firms pinpointed key priorities for the industry over the coming years. The main message was that the pace of change is accelerating in a number of areas - technology, procurement models, worker aspirations and client expectations. The industry needs to adopt a mind-set of continuous innovation and re-evaluation in order to adapt and thrive.

Commenting on the outcome of this year's conference, Kevin Green says:

"Recruitment is a global business with an annual turnover of over 200 billion and rising. There are huge opportunities for future growth but there are also a number of common challenges we need to face.

"We need to enhance recruitment's global brand. This isn't just about what we say, it's about what we do as an industry. It is about building strong advocates amongst the candidates and clients that we work with every day. Actively promoting professional standards across the world will continue to add real substance to our lobbying messages.

"The annual CIETT conference is a unique opportunity for the industry to come together and to amplify its collective voice. This year's event in Rotterdam has been a real step forward. We look forward to grabbing the relay baton for next year's conference and to welcoming the global recruitment industry to London in 2012.

The Conference is the annual event of CIETT the representative body for the world-wide recruitment industry. This years event was hosted by ABU the national federation for the staffing industry in Holland.

The 2012 World Employment Conference will take place in London and will be hosted by the REC. The theme of the event is 'Transforming our Global Brand.


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