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AUTO TIME SOLUTIONS, one of the UKs leading providers of workforce management systems, is pleased to announce the release of Vanquish Web, a powerful time and attendance solution that will enable recruitment agencies to support their clients in adapting to new working regulations by gaining active visibility into the working practices of temporary staff.
The Agency Workers Regulation is the most significant change in the employment of temporary labour in recent years, with profound implications expected for temporary agency workers, employers and agencies.
Under the new EU regulations, due to come into force in October 2011, agency staff who have worked for 12 consecutive weeks at a company will be entitled to the same pay, overtime allowances, annual leave and breaks as permanent staff doing the same job.
Subsequently it will become increasingly important for companies using agency workers to administer the time and attendance of temporary staff and for agencies to provide clients with greater transparency of employee clocking data.
Christian Berenger, Business Development Director at Auto Time Solutions says: With new regulations coming into force in October, investing in a workforce management solution like Vanquish Web can provide agencies with a real opportunity to add value to their service delivery and attract new business.
Many organisations are simply unaware of the new regulations so will look for support from their recruitment providers. By taking control of staff time and attendance recruitment agencies can protect clients from unknown breaches of the new regulation and keep them onside of the law!
With Vanquish Web employees simply clock in and out from any client location using biometric handscan terminals which are installed on client sites. These provide fast and accurate verification of employee attendance and help to eradicate buddy punching - the act of an employee clocking in for a colleague.
All captured data is instantly transmitted to a centrally managed webportal, enabling managers to gain active visibility of employee time and attendance on client sites and identify when temporary workers are coming up to the 12 week qualifying period under the new regulation.
The system can be tailored to suit every business. Managers can input specific company rules relating to shift patterns, breaks and overtime allowances, and clocking data can be stored and retrieved easily. In addition, Vanquish Web can assist agencies with the administration of travel and subsistence dispensation schemes by recording evidence and storing history of claims.
By automating the time and attendance process Vanquish Web removes the administrative burden associated with manual timesheets and enables managers to proactively manage staff absences. Should an employee fail to register their attendance within an allotted time tolerance SMS or email alerts are instantly sent to line managers, enabling them to take action immediately to pro-actively cover the absence.
Sophisticated reports can also be generated automatically using the all data fields held within the system, and these can be exported in a range of formats as well as to popular payroll packages such as Sage..
Because the terminals communicate using GPRS technology the system is hosted independently from client networks and no cabling is required. This means Vanquish Web can be installed and uninstalled as and when contracts are won and lost, making it an ideal solution for the recruitment sector.
Christian Berenger adds: Vanquish Web is proven to deliver significant benefits to the recruitment sector. By gaining active visibility into the working practices of temporary staff, Vanquish Web will help agencies increase client satisfaction through positive verification of staff attendance and identification of short falls in staffing levels.
With the new regulations just a few months away it is vital that agencies prepare for the new changes rather than leave it until the new regulations come into force. Investing in Vanquish Web could make the transition much easier.


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