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Saber is a key part of Liquid Personnels strategy of continuous staff development

Saber is a key part of Liquid Personnels strategy of continuous staff development
The implementation project was totally trouble free for our team leaders SABER has been a revelation
Our growth at Liquid Personnel has been fast and exciting. Already we are a top 4 UK social work agency and we have abundant opportunities for growth ahead of us. When I saw SABER I immediately realised that there were areas of our work at Liquid Personnel that weren't running as efficiently as they might. Initially it was the very visual nature of the product that appealed. I could see how it could harness the already competitive nature of our consultants in a very positive way. But it's delivered many more benefits than that.
Looking top down, SABER now provides us directors with instant access to key performance data - the company's performance is totally transparent  - we know exactly how we are doing and can drill down to identify where and how success is being achieved, or where issues might lie that need a helping hand - we can think strategically with all the key data at our fingertips. One of the real tactical benefits is our ability to be able to boost the sales teams' activity levels instantly through SABER's spot competition tools.
For our team leaders SABER has been a revelation. Many of them have little experience in the role and SABER allows them to function with maximum effectiveness. They can see exactly how their team members are performing and can address issues as soon as they arise, encouraging positive behaviours, nipping any problems in the bud and spotting coaching opportunities. Now there are no nasty surprises and we have a fantastic on-the-job coaching culture supported by real time performance data.
Our consultants are a naturally competitive bunch. They love seeing their names on top of the screens, but equally they hate to have their name languishing near the bottom of any list. SABER harnesses this part of the sales psyche really well.
The implementation project was totally trouble free. ITRIS, our recruitment system, was new to SABER at that time but it proved no obstacle. In fact I had a list of tweaks that I thought might present real difficulty, but SABER took the list away and delivered exactly what I'd asked for. The roll-out was seamless, stress-free and successful and ITRIS and SABER work easily side-by-side.
I've been very impressed by SABER. From specification, through roll out to delivery of benefits we have been more than satisfied at every step. Overall SABER has improved our access to crucial information, supported our team leaders and driven our consultants' motivation.
But most of all it is a key part of our strategy of continuous staff development. SABER is already a key part of our organisation's portfolio of tools and we see it continuing to drive our success in the future.


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