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Solar specialist offers to put farmers children through Agricultural College

Solar specialist offers to put farmers children through Agricultural College in return for siting solar panels
The press is full of stories of graduates leaving college saddled with lifelong debts or the upward spiral of university tuition fees. 
Now a leading solar developer is offering to send farmers children through Agricultural College in return for siting photovoltaic (PV) panels on farm buildings. 
There has been a lot of adverse publicity concerning the governments review of the feed-in-tariffs for solar developments but PV generation technology is constantly increasing in efficiency and arrays below 50kW can still be financed successfully, said Lee Summers, director of EOS Energy.
Solar Energy is a carbon-neutral power and is becoming more and more popular in Britain. Everyone is becoming suspicious of relying on nuclear reactors or insecure gas imports for our energy future, he said.
Germany has the most developed solar industry in the world and Britain has very similar climatic conditions. As a society it is vital that we fully develop the technologies governing all the renewable sources of electricity generation.
EOS Energy offer farmers a complete service from design to installation and performance monitoring and are targeting 125 agricultural installations this year generating a total of about 2.7 MW.
Many farmers are debating whether to send their off-spring to agricultural college and funding tuition fees by siting a solar array is another option for them.
Our combined experience of construction and PV systems makes us ideal partners for farmers, said Mr Summers. Our engineers are used to siting arrays on the full variety of agricultural buildings of all sorts of structures."
The number of farmers of investing in, or renting sites for, solar generation is increasing year on year. The 7 to 14% index linked returns over a 25 year period are exceptionally attractive in the current financial situation.
With a PV system farmers are not only assured of a return on their investment, but they are also protecting their businesses from rising energy costs in the future, said Mr Summers.   


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