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What is PAY+ and how can it help us with AWR cost implications?

What is PAY and how can it help us with AWR cost implications?
ePayMe offer the standard PAYE or Umbrella services, however perhaps it's time your agency steps into the 21st century with their versatile PAY hybrid solution. The ideal technical solution for obtaining a true financial benefit to both Agency and Candidate. It is no coincidence that PAY is leading the way in outsourced contractor pay services, launched in 2010, it is now becoming universally acknowledged as the way forward to many of their clients who swear by it. Produced, designed and developed in accordance with HMRC guidelines, PAY is able to draw the right balance of PAYE & Umbrella functionality, whilst remaining financially beneficial to those utilising this scheme.
ePayMe, from its extensive expertise gained in years of unrivalled supremacy in the payroll outsourced service providers has one of the only fully functional, incorporated and delivered hybrid solutions within the UK payroll sector. When the time for defining the new pay offering to support the well talked about AWR legislation, ePayMe have surpassed market leaders with PAY. After evaluating all possible solutions, an enhanced PAYE service or changes to dispensation for Umbrella, it was clear these were not a sustainable service for the masses. The only solution that could ensure unparalleled performance, financial benefit and enabling contractors who like the benefits of both PAYE and Umbrella can now enjoy the PAY hybrid solution. The outstanding mathematical algorithms designed within the architecture has defined ePayMe amongst it competitors since it's launch last year.


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