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Ambitious Brits look for roles in emerging economies

Ambitious Brits look for roles in emerging economies

Over a third (37.4%) of UK workers are setting their sights on emerging markets for their next career move, according to a recent survey of over 1000 office workers by leading telecommunications staffing provider, Glotel.
Furthermore, one in six (15.9%) said they would move to just about any country across the globe if offered a job with good pay and promising career opportunities. Nearly one in ten (8.8%) said they would put aside security fears specifically associated with emerging markets if given the chance to take on their dream role.
The survey found nearly one in ten (8%) have definite plans in place to move to a different country. Just 17.9% of all respondents said they would restrict themselves to searching for jobs in Western markets.

Generation Y workers, aged between 18 and 24, were the most enthusiastic about moving to an emerging market nearly a third (30%) of younger workers would relocate abroad to further their career.

For workers over 35 years of age, distance from family and friends was the most significant issue influencing relocation. Family ties would confine nearly a third (32.2%) of 45-54 year olds to Western economies, in contrast to just 10% of 16-24 year olds.

Workers in the West Midlands and London emerged as the most open minded and career orientated in the UK. In these regions, almost one in four (23.9% and 22.7% respectively) claimed they would move anywhere in the world for the right job.

Lee Wilsher, Managing Director of Glotel, said: The results of the survey demonstrate that British workers are very committed to career progression and will look beyond traditional Western job markets to achieve this.

With economic development speeding up in emerging markets, there are many opportunities opening up for skilled and talented professionals. Moving to an emerging market can be an adventurous and lucrative career move. In the fast paced environment of the developing market, workers have the potential to take on more responsibility and develop their skill set, helping them flourish professionally.

At Glotel, we are currently seeing a number of opportunities open up in emerging markets such as those in Africa, which reflects the extent of economic development in this region.
Professionals would be well advised to thoroughly research the implications of moving to a specific emerging market, before they accept a job offer. If they decide the job is the one for them, it is vital to ensure all legal requirements for moving are fulfilled, such as visas, accommodation and insurance.

Case study

Ian Reynolds, a qualified telecoms professional for 15 years, currently holds a role as the National Network Integration Manager for a 4G IP based network in South Africa. He said: After 15 years working in emerging markets, the growing enthusiasm amongst UK workers for moving to these countries does not surprise me.
Working within a diverse range of economies has given me experience of exciting places and cultures different from my own. However, I have seen colleagues who find being away from family and friends a challenge. The decision to move to an emerging economy must not be taken lightly.


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