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APSCo hosting AWR seminars for recruiters and their clients

APSCo hosting AWR seminars for recruiters and their clients
Will help SME recruiters prepare clients for AWR
London, Manchester and Birmingham
The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is hosting a series of seminars on the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) for members and their clients. The seminars have been specifically designed for SME members - who may find running their own workshops on the AWR very costly in mind.
The events are free of charge to APSCo members and will be held in London (June 9th 2011), Manchester (22nd June 2011) and Birmingham (4th July 2011). Lloyds TSB is sponsoring the seminars.
Over 100 recruiters and their clients attended the London event which was held at the offices of Lloyds TSB near the Bank of England in central London.
The seminars will cover the following issues:
Overview of AWR rights
Who is an agency worker?
Who is liable and for what?
The Swedish derogation
What are large hirers doing? impact and risk assessments
Key points to building a successful strategy
Marilyn Davidson, Director at APSCo, comments: For SME recruiters which constitute the vast majority of the recruitment sector in the UK the cost of educating their clients about the AWR could be very significant. Without these seminars, many would simply hope that clients had taken it upon themselves to get up to speed an assumption which could prove costly given the complexity of these Regulations.
Many clients will simply not be aware that they are under an obligation to provide their recruitment suppliers with pay data on their permanent workforce. If they fail to do so and a claim is brought, the end user client not the recruiter would be liable. Its this kind of area where these seminars should be invaluable.


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